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Mission Statement

The FASTAR (Finite Automata Systems --- Theoretical and Applied Research) group aims to be the leading international research group in all areas related to finite state systems.

Our work includes both core and applied parts of this field. The core concepts include: finite automata, regular expressions, pattern matchers, parsers and transducers; as well as the algorithms operating on these objects and data-structures.

The applied areas in FASTAR are particularly broad, and encompass: text indexing, computational linguistics, bioinformatics/computational genetics, network security and intrusion detection, programming languages and compilers, communicating concurrent systems, modeling and control of interacting nanomachines, etc.

Public Content

2014/06/04 Profs Kourie and Watson once again presented the "Correctness-by-Construction Approach to Programming" workshop / tutorial, this time at FM 2014, the 19th International Symposium on Formal Methods, held in Singapore, from May 12-16. The workshop / tutorial took place on Monday May 12. Slides from the workshop / tutorial can be downloaded via the linked page.

2013/11/25 The List of interesting events has recently been updated with many conferences and workshops for 2014.

2013/11/12 The FASTAR/Espresso Workshop 2013, involving staff, students and external guests, was held Monday November 4th - Wednesday November 6th. This tenth edition of the workshop was organised by Stellenbosch University's Department of Informatics. Presentation slides from the workshop can be accessed via the link.

2013/09/05 The Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures, maintained by Paul Black at NIST for over a decade, has moved to the FASTAR group. The site will remain open to public access. For now, it can also still be found at its original location.

2013/08/21 Today, Prof Derrick Kourie, recently having retired from his post at the University of Pretoria, was presented with Formal Aspects of Computing, a Festschrift with Essays dedicated to him on the occasion of his 65th birthday. The Festschrift is now available for ordering from its publisher. In early October, a Colloquium honoring Derrick will be held in Stellenbosch. Details to be announced.


List of interesting events (conferences, workshops in our research field)


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Restricted Content

Restricted Content regarding research plans and ideas etc. is available for registered users (i.e. FASTAR members and affiliates)

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